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In addition to our key Business Development and Product Management activities, we also provide for our clients the necessary Administrative support for a successful business activity in often complex markets. This support includes : 


  • Provide advice on commercial operations, transfers of funds, import/export regulations and operations or other peculiar economic and regulatory conditions.

  • Assist in identifying and liaising locally with legal counsel for drafting contracts and agreements, setting up local operations, patent and brand registrations, etc.

  • Assist our client and its local partner(s) to generate all the documentation required to participate in public bids, when applicable.
    Assist in translation of documents to/from local language. 

  • Provide advice on manufacturing strategy whenever local assembly alternatives may be needed for tax or regulation purposes to minimize taxation and increase competitiveness. 

Our Methodology

​Duty Performed by Lotier

​Duty Performed by Lotier and Techinical, Marketing, Business Development and Sales Departments of the Client




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