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Our Product Management services will ensure that our client’s solutions are understood by the end clients and comply to local regulations. These activities include  :


  • Research specifications relevant to the local market. 

  • Study current and future technical and market trends and requirements that could affect our client’s products and services, and make product recommendations to address them.

  • Develop marketing presentations specifically focused on specific target accounts, demonstrating to prospect customers how the deployment of our clients´ solution maximizes their ROI and minimizes their time to breakeven in the context of their specific projects.

  • Work with engineering and technical departments of target accounts to steer standards, specifications, and RFQs (bids) to our clients’ solutions.

  • Represent our client in local technical standardization bodies and regulators, and assist in the certification of products in the local market.

  • Deliver training in local language to our client distributors, resellers or customers.

Our Methodology

​Duty Performed by Lotier

​Duty Performed by Lotier and Techinical, Marketing, Business Development and Sales Departments of the Client




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